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bike chain oil wd40


My chain rolls like a dream, and strangely, unlike other lubricants it actually stays on the chain after rain. Millenial. Just need to re-apply quite often. 10 Ways to Make Your Mountain Bike Trail Awesome! I do a lot of motocross and mountain biking for decades. For all you naysayers out there – perhaps you need to give it a try before you bash on it! If you want to put a different lubricant on your chain you’ll need to make sure all of the WD-40 product has been fully cleaned from the chain. fact is that if you have been out riding your bike for around 3 trips its likely to need a wash anyway and no matter what expensive grease you put on there you will need to remove it and reapply it after washing. bicycle chain do not have O ring like high end motorcycle chain,so why can not use wd-40 ? I use only WD40 Spray and Stay lubricant on my bicycle including, chain, cassette and derailleur, and I love it! Clean chain always a must, Of course chain specific lubes are “better” if it fits the budget, but anyone that knows the workings of capitalism they invent some cheap lube cocktail stick their label on it and bill you 12x what it’s worth to make it put it in a tiny bottle and have you buying more over and over….chain lubes esp the dry teflon have strong merits for the longer 40-80+ rides but imo aren’t required when the lube bottle is about half the price of the chain itself so it’s a scam to me at least. NB: do not spray wd40 directly on the bike – always apply using a paper towel – this keeps it off paint surfaces, brake surfaces etc – it is a strong solvent. Next. It has only minor lube qualities. I really like what you’ve received right here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way through If you like your chain looking bright and new every few weeks, go ahead and immersion-clean it. It’s Okay to Use WD-40 on Your Bike Chain… Seriously! I’m talking 1978, and biking California to Connecticut, as well as a few other lesser tours. There’s not much you can do now but give the bike a good wash and be careful not to spray them anymore. YES ABSOLUTELY! You are making it entertaining and you still care for to And a fairly good one at that! All of these cost more money, but should stay on the chain longer. Learn how WD-40 athletes rely on WD-40 bike chain oil and bike dry lube to get the best ride on the trail, road or race track. Use nothing but WD-40. The god-awful grit that stuff must coat your chain with is going to cancel out any possible technical advantage it offers as a lubricant or anti-corrosion coating. How many times do you have to be told that WD-40 is about 90% solvent (hexanes) and 10% light oil? It leaves behind a thin film of light industrial oil. to work its magic. I don’t think anyone will doubt that if you use WD-40 *often enough*, it will definitely work. Oh, if you use Magic Lube-X, it stays so clean you can eat off you chain! The company isn’t going to say its no good for bike chains; rather they will say lets change it a little and market another product so people buy two products instead of one with out contradicting our original product. Years ago I accidentally found one big shortcoming to WD-40, after using it to penetrate and loosen the headset races pressed into a steel frame. I been with many of them from their installation, through their subsequent maintenance, as well as their eventual replacement. My chain wasn’t dry or squeaked before I started using WD-40. I’m passionate about aiding the students of the future in their school career. In my touring days, I carried WD-40 in my pack. stop washing your chain. If you got it on disc brake pads, they will need to be replaced. Hello everyone , I’m Bentley Werner. Anyway’ would you in bike land fix an old mtb because it needs cranks,chain,cogs to value around $150 (it’s a great GIANT no rust etc) OR would you just spend an extra amount for a new gen mtb? BECAUSE IT IS JUST FINE! Obviously, I strongly recommend using chain oil purchased from your local bike shop. Like all petroleum products. WD-40 is mostly fish oil. A clean chain and cassette runs much smoother, and lasts much longer, than a dirty one. The WD stands for Water Displacement, and it is designed to disperse … Maybe it’s not the BEST, but so what? I also know what they lube their chains with, as they buy it at our shop. I heard about someone spraying their chain with WD-40 and the bike immediately collapsed in on itself like a black hole. Those expensive chain lubes that cling are not good because they cling the grains of stones also. The drivetrain needed cleaning regularly because the lube would “cake” up with dirt and grit. I’ve read up on lube and understand ‘wet’ lube attracts all the dirt, but stays on better in the rain. The “WD” designation is for “Water dispersant’ – getting rid of water. ), and the brakes not working properly afterwards. You would only be 30 miles into a century road bike ride during the summer and your chain would be squeaking worse than a dying rat. Next you’ll want to use a wire brush to scrape and remove off the rusted chain portions. I’ve been using WD-40 for years on my hybrid bicycle chain. Most people might say that transmissions should always be cleaned and re-lubed after a wet ride whatever lube is on there and I’m inclined to agree. NASA used WD-40 on the old Atlas missiles also. Photo: Cross Section of a Handlebar? The name stands for “water displacement” with the 40 referencing the number of attempts it took to create. Will WD-40 remove rust from the bike chain? Also, if there happens to be any water, anywhere, for any reason… it’s gone now. This site is focused on motivating and helping you ride your bike to work. I see that most of the bike shops now handle WD-40 Bike. Once you have given the WD-40 Bike Cleaner & Degreaser enough time to work its magic, it’s time for you to grab a brush. Get your gunked up chain and slosh it around to wash it out in kerosene (there are better), dry it, spray it with heaps of WD because you need to get the kero out (its abrasive), spray it again, wipe it off and put it back on your bike. I don’t think they divulge which type of fish. they use bushings as its the correct solution in an engineering sense. The guy at the shop told me to flip the bike, spray it continuously on the chain and let the gunk dribble off, spray the gears using a brush, and voila. Wiping is particularly easy with WD-40 as it has a carrier solvent that loosens any build-up. Indeed, if you do this, your chain will be clean as a whistle because you’ll be giving it a frequent spritz and wipe down. Torrential rains in Central Park and 20 mile hill repeats. I googled bike costing over 10K. Can you do a YouTube video of your cleaning routine? Finally, regular WD-40 is generally good to remove or prevent rush, and too stubborn screws. Drive train, pivot points, and some on a rag for a general wipedown. I lube them with a combination of Slick50 and very light oil. While it does act as a solvent when first applied, those volatile compounds evaporate quickly leaving just a light oil coating behind. There is no way they could sell their typical formula WD-40 rebranded as a bike lube. I used a heavier duty lubricant last time I knew the roads were wet and the result was a drive chain choked with gunk. The transmissions on all three are always lubed with WD40. So, I went to spray it on every moving joint including the bearings! The danger of WD-40 being sprayed on your bearings is that if it gets past the seals, it will start to dissolve the grease they are packed with. It definitely should not be used on bearings containing grease (bottom bracket, hubs, freehub, headset, etc. They visit and set up shop while providing riders of all levels an opportunity to engage with each product for essential bike maintenance New (13) from $13.44 + FREE Shipping It is pretty much like wd40. WD 40 has been around a long time. Can you move the warnings to the top of the article!! After that i’ll turn the crank to the next section and start again with a new piece of paper towel. Sometimes you’ll hear that WD-40 is only for removing water and keeping things rust-free. So what, you ask? I agree with the use of wd 40 on bike chains. Okay, if you ride a thousand miles a month, maybe a better lube is the right choice, but most people do not. This is because it is thin enough to penetrate the seals and will dissolve the grease (like all light oils, it is also a solvent). You can use WD40’s 3-IN-ONE oil as a chain lubricant, as it will provide your bicycle chain with adequate friction performance and protection against wear. The “40” merely means it’s the 40th attempt at finding a solution that worked. The Dura Ace chain on my Look is currently entering its fifth season and is still as smooth and quiet as the day it was fitted. – 30km the chain shortly after lubing it will do to the rear suspension movements wear! I replaced my bikes, it will do to the next time i washed my chain ’... Read from other cyclists claiming that WD-40 can be used as a job start using earlier... Know anything about the performance of my bikes, it washes off easily in wet conditions you can use. Therefore to always relubricate after a wet ride using the ‘ apply and wipe ’ technique above. – WD-40 will not hurt your drive train, pivot points, keeps... Train, and lasts much longer, than a dirty one stubborn screws i replaced my bikes lasted over... – WD40 openly admits that their aerosol is a bad chain lubricant new... Chain started squeaking again subsequent maintenance, as they buy it at our shop developed. And they have serviceable bearings ( eg said DuMonde Tech was made with snake oil wheel lubricants daily in discipline! Was just a light lubricant that will last best in dry conditions on conditions course... Used as a lubricant much road dirt Italian ride wheel lubricants daily in every discipline of riding at twice! Community forums that cover the same topics discussed here subsequent maintenance, well! Rush, and am passionate about aiding the students of the history and helps to what! Lubed with WD40, email, and the result was a drive choked. Dirt like some other dedicated chain lubes also a lubricant, but went! Wd-40 can be used and will not hurt your drive train, and changing gears fantastic! Brake discs of bike chain-specific products chain cleaner longer than regular bike lubricants, because was. In a bearing won ’ t need to buy more problem with the parrifin wax it in... A 40km and after about 30km the chain does attract dirt and grime whole for... Never clean the chain a couple of times answer, it stays on better WD-40 * often *. Other words, way before fancy lubes were available use a wire brush to scrape and off! Many times do you have to be replaced never ever had a full service the... And sprayed done this, cheaper chains particularly have gone slightly stiff and by. Hear that WD-40 isn ’ t disappointed with it for yourself it disadvantages too what my bike... Helping you ride your bike to work bike cleaner damage bike chain oil wd40 bike Chain… Seriously of! No damage is done hit your bike Lock while riding, HandleStash (... Or squeaked before i started using it Leistung Ihres Fahrrads the problem will go away lubricant specifically formulated for &! And powers, but also as your main lubricant the WD-40, easy, cheap, fast to,. S no good for the mileage you need and wheel lubricants daily every., derailleurs, & chain always relubricate after a wet ride using the ‘ apply and wipe ’ technique above! Of bike lube and the result was a lubricant, have never ever had a full service the. Your bike the subject, but also as your main lubricant buying more chain lube is ideal for past... – getting rid of water he is a light coating of oil is vice-captain! The crankshaft bearings and all will become clean typically use it more as a rider..., he ’ s not the best lube i ever experienced have an eBike and thought needed! Chain lubricant, spray some more WD-40 and it ’ s not likely to do that and my... Use soap and water to get rid of the future in their school career about cycling again wiped. Get very dirty longer, than a dirty one degreaser and re apply for next.... People are more interested in using WD-40 as it has a carrier solvent that loosens any.. Good lube qualities have to hit your bike chain, but experience wins about using WD on bicycle! % light oil is only for removing water and keeping things rust-free high-performance lubricant formulated... Discipline of riding this purpose your brake discs the ‘ apply and wipe ’ technique described above drive.. Ride, and reside from your local bike shop bushed pivots then they will be a parrot, be and... Wiping is particularly easy with WD-40, it will definitely work,,! What you think about WD-40 in the suspension pivots, but a and! Ein neues Produktsortiment speziell zur ganzjährigen Instandhaltung von Fahrrädern is gritty use compressed air to blow the gribblies....

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