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autopsy mental funeral review


Black Sabbath originally conceived their brand of music (and in turn heavy metal) to be scary. Spouting out more shock and horror like approaches to their atmosphere. oder ´They Come Alive´, mal sind´s die im positiven Sinne beinahe klebrigen Refrain-Hooks wie in ´There Will Be Blood´ oder ´The Flamekeeper´, die Energie injizieren und dabei eine angenehme Nachhaltigkeit vermitteln, die lediglich in den ruhigsten Momenten, am Anfang des Titeltracks zum Beispiel, ein wenig wankt, dann, wenn Frontmann Miika Kokko tatsächlich eher wie King Diamond mit Rückenschmerzen tönt und nicht wie der stolze Warrior von nebenan, dem man ein teures Priest-Bootleg blind abkaufen würde. Overthought and overdone - 41% Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2014. Tel: +49 (0) 231-562014-0 Fax: +49 (0) 231-562014-33 E-Mail: Megazine@RockHard.de, VANDEN PLAS - The Ghost Xperiment - Illumination, AUTOPSY - 'Maggots In The Mirror'-Live-Clip vom "Live In Chicago"-Album ist online, AUTOPSY - "Live In Chicago"-Album kommt Ende Oktober, OVERKILL These screams give the album some variety and amazing atmosphere. His vocals are quite versatile here, they can be mainly deep fluctuating growls, to extended screams. I suppose, I should address a creeping elephant in the room. As depraved as this material is, it still taps into that "macabre nursery rhyme" vibe that was present in the classic works of Alice Cooper. Autopsy keep doing what they were doing. Autopsy have remained somewhat unsung heroes of the scene since splitting, but it’s not hard to trace the influences that this record must surely have had on bands like Entombed, who share Autopsy’s love of the demonic Slayer-esque split harmonies that pepper the album. Bands wie Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake und vor allem Led Zeppelin werden extrem geschmackssicher zitiert und lassen „Locked & Loaded“ zur perfekten Scheibe für den heimischen Spieleabend (bei welcher Band habe ich das schon mal ähnlich gehört?) Perhaps it’s the product of imagination of a serial killer, or maybe it’s borne of some Lovecraftian interdimensional time warp phooey. Mental Funeral is a must own for anyone who calls themselves a fan of death metal. I don't admire the songwriting quite so much as a Left Hand Path, Cause of Death, Realm of Chaos, Leprosy, Consuming Impulse or Altars of Madness. That said, it does not cock up the overall experience. But they also evoke a fair share of variation throughout the track list that ensures the primacy of the material will never bore the listener. Absolutely fucking brilliant. When I hear it, I imagine the members of Autopsy gleefully frolicking through rolling hills of poppy fields and oak trees, except intestines are strewn about the tree branches, the sky is raining down piss and shit, and there are always children screaming. Very rarely does death metal seem to convey the sensation of being killed or worse, but Mental Funeral succeeds at just about every turn. Drummer Chris Reifert has stated his songwriting motivations in rather simple terms – to make “the sickest shit imaginable” or some such banality. The guitars are more or less like chainsaw but not too extreme, while the growling is the typical one from Sweden.True obscure atmosphere in “Fleshcrawl” is great, while the following “Torn From The Womb” has a strange guitars work, based on simply riffs and odd lead guitar lines. "In the Grip of Winter" 4:08: 3. 1. "Bonesaw" is a brutal burst that would have been better manufactured into a full-length track. A song like "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" has a quicker punk aspect to them, but still bring much brutality. And since then Autopsy have always been about that. All in all the vocals make this album what it is and really drive the doom/death direction home. Especially compared to the dark portrait displayed here on Mental Funeral. However, this band would go on to a change on their second album. This release is a landmark; an extremely influential album that immortalizes Christ Reifert and his gang of amateur pathologists in the annals of history. Playing amazing rolls like that on, "Slaughterday", "Dead", and "Bonesaw". And the Autopsy sound really came into focus on "Mental Funeral". Though the solos are very fast, somewhat sloppy and come when you’re least prepared, they don’t sound like chromatic nonsense or random notes taken from basic scales. Es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt, die Spur des Gewöhnlichen und bereits Gehörten windet sich ebenfalls durch die Platte. Review Autopsy The Tomb Within. Read more. 8/10. It even transcends that sub-genre and is just great metal, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart. Just use lots of sauces. Mental Funeral › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. There are a few early era Sabbath influences here on the guitars. The band just took a step further into their own magical world of putrefaction, funerals and horror and left all known early death metal dogma’s and boundaries for what they were. Aber selbst wenn es mal nicht ganz so rund läuft, stehen da immer noch waschechte Metal-Kracher mit starken Slogans, die jeder Kuttenträger vor der Bühne mitsingen kann (´The Undertaker´, ´Not My Problem´, ´Sucks To Be You´). The vocals are in fact exceptional, but despite the hypnotic drum beat, I just found the guitar riffs here to be overall lacking. This, I think, kept their originality flowing. Autopsy simply picked up where Severed Survival left off. Now I don´t have the time to describe the songs one by one, so I´ll try to describe how the whole record actually sound: All music by Autopsy. It was Autopsy's climatic peak with accumulated qualities. It gets better and better as the years pass, and if you consider yourself any kind of a fan of Death Fucking Metal, but don’t possess any Autopsy, you fail. So what of these non-abortion tracks then? ​ Skip to main content.us. Rather than making its impact through memorable riffs (not to say that there aren’t any – check Slaughterday or Dark Crusade for proof) or killer songwriting, Autopsy succeed by creating a genuinely horrific atmosphere. This, as well as Acts of the Unspeakable, are my two favorite Autopsy albums to date. The guitar tone takes the monstrosity that was Severed Survival and brings it to its logical conclusion, promptly stabs it in the gut and goes even further. ist zwar der spürbare Antrieb der Songs, die Aha-Momente finden aber eher im Hintergrund statt. Though I never thought of it as a classic. Gary Steve awoke from his coma. Tatsächlich steht die Wahl dieses eher obskuren Demofrühwerks aber stellvertretend für genau die eine Geschmacksnote zu viel, die „Alchemical Warfare” (ja, genau: Slayer) in der Gesamtschau leider etwas gestaltlos erscheinen lässt: Getragene, kilometertief ausholende Schwere bleibt die Kernkompetenz des Trios ('The Great Beast We Serve'), der gelegentliche Anstrich von Rotz'n'Rumpel funzt dagegen leider nicht so recht. Other highlights of Mental Funeral include epic Hole In The Head with its creepy dual harmony riff serving as a bookend to 5 minutes of absolute misery, both fast & slow. Another reason for this incredible power is the fact that the record functions both on a conceptual level (that being, umm, brain death or morbidity, I guess) and as an brilliantly well-put together collection of horror. The songs don't all mash together in one blur of music that occasionally has a riff that stands out among the chaos. The organic sound of "Mental Funeral" adds to its deathly atmosphere, you can almost smell the coffin stench when listening to it. This page includes AUTOPSY Mental Funeral's : cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts, collaborators and members. Even though anyone with ears worth their salt loves Autopsy, it's safe to say that a fair few people - even those who were death metal fans otherwise -​would have listened to this and have thought "What the hell is wrong with these sickos?". Indeed, the work Autopsy put into Mental Funeral was inspired by Chicago’s doom metal pioneers Trouble. If your average modern days Death Metal band is a Hollywood production (they sure as hell sound that way these days, bloody hipsters!) "Mental Funeral" itself a haunting outro with some clean guitars, that also would have been appreciated were it expanded. Review Autopsy 4 The Headless Ritual. This leads to the fetus’ intestines and other visceral organs developing outside of its body. Autopsy, can you visualize em', huh? Als Bindeglied zwischen der eher speedigen Vergangenheit und dem Hier und Heute fungiert der Opener ´Forever Blind´, „full throttle“ einerseits, am Ende aber auch etwas unspektakulär, im Grunde also nicht gerade perfekt platziert, aber was soll´s: Fast der ganze Rest, der immer mal wieder an Ram erinnert, hakt sich - darf er das in Corona-Zeiten noch? No budget, practically no special effects. First of all, it's not your typical death metal release. Charming track really and still marvellous to this day. Reifert literally sounds like a horrible demon from hell spewing lyrics about death, gore, and perversion before it was cool to do so. I bought this album not so long ago, and before that I hadn´t heard a single song by Autopsy. "In the Grip of Winter" has a great vocal opening and a terrifying tortuous slow break in the middle. The sound engineering (everything about this album's sound engineering is amazing: the balance of treble, mid, and bass on the guitars, the pungent sound of the bass, the minimalist [and by that I mean lack of 100% focus on the snare and kick-drums] focus on the drums which are still audible but don't dominate the sound like most drums do) 01. One of the sickest death album ever, but not recommended to those who search for speed here. The death/doom element definitely gives it a very unusual, eerie and creepy vibe. Review zu The Headless Ritual von Autopsy. Wenn man die Namen „Severed Survival” oder „Mental Funeral“ fallen lässt, so weiß ein jeder Death-Metal-Fan sofort, dass es um die Legende AUTOPSY … I went through this brief Autopsy phase recently, and during these phases I go through where I like a band a lot, I'll listen to all of their material and purchase albums. Severed Survival, although a classic in its own right, could not compare with the unrestrained (but intelligent) brutality of Mental Funeral. Und so ist „Too Mean To Die“ in erster Linie eine weitere Variante der Alben seit „Blood Of The Nations“ (2010): perfekt gespielter, messerscharf riffender Heavy Metal mit Tornillos röhrender Reibeisenstimme, die von Platte zu Platte selbstsicherer und besser wird. Featured peformers: Chris Reifert (drums, vocals), Danny Coralles (guitar), Eric Cutler (guitar), Steve Cutler (bass), Paul "Hammy" Halmshaw (producer), Ron Rigler (engineer). Natürlich gibt es darüber hinaus etliche Passagen, die aufhorchen lassen. 'You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)' gecovert; ein Schmankerl für Szenechecker, denn mit dem Originalsong lieferte ein anderer Besessener, namentlich Quorthon selig, im Jahr 1983 venomesken Radau ab. Most clean breakdowns relax the pace or the listener, but almost none of them actually manage to raise the tension by doing more with less. It would be diverse and delightfully uncanny. Whereas you might reason Trouble did it to show an inherent wickedness of man or the inner torment mirrored in their lyrics, Autopsy perhaps use it to give a feeling of morbid delusion or an insight into a sicker mind. Screw the critics. Chris, ihr hättet euch besser mal vom guten, alten Scotti produzieren lassen sollen, denn da wäre mehr aus "Mental Funeral" geworden. From the fast-paced and quickly performed "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" to the sludgy and doom-laden "Torn From the Womb", there's something for everyone. Although he was initially happy to be alive, this relief was temporary - his manager, Drake Pool, was standing in front of the hospital bed holding a mirror. His tom drum chops are a cool feature with the slower moving riffs. In contrast, when a modern death metal band goes into 7/8 time, you’ll be certain to hear them hailed as “progressive”, “inventive” and “different”. It sure was different from many of the other acts in the genre that I listen to, because they never try to be the fastest, most brutal and technical band in the world. Even Black Sabbath wasn't all that great at making moments like this scary. A great deal of the catchiness comes from their use of harmony guitars and this is where the band's Trouble influence really comes to the fore. „The Ghost Xperiment - Illumination“, das auch im 13-Minuten-Longtrack-Format ('The Ouroboros') tolle Spannungsbögen schafft, ist Prog Metal der alten Schule: klassisch, charmant, typisch VANDEN PLAS. The lead guitar of Mental Funeral is immensely enjoyable and composed quite well, resulting in many memorable melodies that further boost this album’s overall effect on the listener. GEOFF TATE - "Relentless"-Album für April angekündigt, APOCALYPTICA, EPICA - Neue "The Epic Apocalypse Tour"-Termine für 2022 bekannt, "Metalgelöt": Sendung über die besten Metal-Albumcover ist online, DEE SNIDER - Aufnahmen des neuen Studioalbums haben begonnen, SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE - 'Ascend'-Video enthüllt, SEETHER - 'Bruised And Bloodied'-Video ist online, STÄLKER - 'Sentenced To Death'-Video veröffentlicht, BROILERS - "Puro Amor"-Album kommt Ende April, SYSTEM OF A DOWN - 'Genocidal Humanoidz'-Videopremiere und Livestream-Event am 30. Autopsy play fucking brutal and sick; the tempos change so many times and in a song like “Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay” we can have up tempo or doomy, rotten mid paced parts. Of course, the whole reason of being for a death metal is to relish in a morbid atmosphere and, simply put, I don't think there's a band on this planet who crafted an atmosphere quite as potently pungent and absolutely grim as Autopsy did on this album. And that sound, so basic and un-produced it seemed. Always. And indeed, Mental Funeral did not grow on me but I grew into Mental Funeral! "Destined to Fester" is another of the band's timeless and catchy death/doom pieces, with a lot of groove to it that creates a dire and welcome mirror to the eminent, emerging grunge and doom scenes of the 90s. There are short songs that last less than a minute that help space out the album, as well as passages in the music that slow the album down to a speed that is soft on the ears. Review zu Autopsy - The Headless Ritual. "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" 2:15: 2. In fact, I would go as far to call it a Swedish sound. The strange hue that blood achieves after having fallen down to meet the already sodden earth. Just how it should be. There's a difference between fucking and making love. This was neither the fastest nor the most technical band in existence then, and it would be even farther from that status in today’s world where Niles and Cryptopsies reign. This new style is perfect for this doom style on this record. Autopsy didn't jump up to sound like bands pumped out of New York or Tampa. 'Bonesaw' does something entirely different with its rampaging pace functioning as something akin to a chase scene through a ruinous house; the killer always gets what he wants. You'll find more than a chug-a-thon or a horse race [galloping type riffs in the vein of Entombed and Unleashed] on this album. It's very arousing making love with a body and drinking some of the blood… Far from a textbook example of death metal, the album is a magnificent work from a band that did what it wanted even if it never won them any popularity contests in their active days. It's a beautiful album, its like the Mozart of death metal with its varieties in tempo, atmosphere, and structure ever present. Catchy too by the way. It was completely different from all other death metal happening in ’91. Which makes the most vicious homicidal maniac, in the act, look like a choir boy. Favorite track: "Destined to Fester". After putting this record on the first thing that hits you is a monstrous scream from drummer/vocalist Chris Reifert that slams you in the face. There are Cannibal Corpse albums less disturbing than this. “Hole in the Head” is possibly my favorite song here, thanks in no small part to that brilliant melody that both opens and closes the song. Autopsy crafts a very specific, very enjoyable and very dirty, disgusting atmosphere on Mental Funeral, and this most noticeable aspect of the album. The production quality is just enough to bring out the true nature of their sound: dirty and raw. Feel free to mail me about the exceptions in today’s world, for I am too sick of contemporary death metal to actively keep following it any more. Do whatever you want. Review Autopsy Puncturing The Grotesque (EP) 8/10. The bass is rather low on this record than I would like, but doesn't cause much of a problem when the focus is much more on guitar. Irgendjemand muss die Fahne des klassischen Heavy Metal hochhalten. , CANDLEMASS The flow of the drums (the rolls and blasts on the kit are fluent, powerful, and more human than mechanical. Well its name is "Dark Crusade", and I don't love it, I fucking loathe it. "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" is a writhing, hardcore/death pounder in the vein of Sweden's Entombed, while "In the Grip of Winter" expands upon the doom and groove of the previous year's EP Retribution for the Dead, possessed of some evil, repulsive morbidity to die for. Dann bist du bei uns richtig. Then they put out the full length 'Acts of the Unspeakable'. Where the distortion is hardly heard, and aids to a proper build up riff, and volume maximizing. Ich bin bestimmt kein Typ, der ausschließlich auf Geschwindigkeit steht, aber wenn eine Death Metal-Band langsame Sachen spielt, sollte sie auch in der Lage sein, diese entsprechend umsetzen zu können. Once again, the guitar tone is incredible, feeling as if it was hewn from the same wood as the axe of a murderous hillbilly psychopath, full of painful grains that churn beautifully against the organic flow of the percussion, but also taut in the execution of the groovy, verminous leads. Other than slows this album has a great deal of murderous screams like tracks such as "Dead" and "Slaughterday". She asked me why I liked Acrostichon melodies and very slow sections but not Autopsy. Their albums sound like they're decaying as time goes on, each record less polished than the last. Finally, I suppose this is listenable, after all it's only 38 minutes, but it isn't recommended. Furthermore, this album sets itself apart from a lot of other death metal at the time due to the fact that the majority of the songs on here are real ear-worms. Overall Rating: 89% Gemeinsam mit dem ehemaligen Glenn-Hughes-Drummer Markus Kullman übrigens, was Mastermind und Gitarrist Alex Beyrodt prompt für eine dezente stilistische Kurskorrektur genutzt hat. In fact, the average tempo of this album is probably far below any other death metal artists from around the same time or today. While it shouldn't really be surprising at all, I think it's safe to say that Autopsy's record collection tended to stray beyond the likes of Sodom and Slayer (I mean, you could just check out some of the delightfully cool lead phrasing on this record or Chris Reifert's very unchained, Moon-esque drumming for proof of that). His kit has a great natural tone to it that I really adore, and is probably the best sounding kit I've heard in death metal. Mental Funeral is a death metal music album recording by AUTOPSY released in 1991 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. The guitar sound is great and thick: a simple death metal distortion that serves their sound perfectly. I make love to them… Hello Select your ... not a single bad thing to say about this record! In 1991, a sound was beginning to take form. Auch im produktionstechnischen Bereich gibt's reichlich zu bemängeln. His vocal style can be directly traced to that of Tom G. Warrior; just imagine the vocals of Satanic Rites with 7 years of advancing death metal brutality laid on them, and perhaps some decapitated genitals in Reifert’s mouth as well. Track listing. Every song has some up tempos filled with doomy parts and weird, reek lead riffs. Er lebt, liebt und feiert All Things Metal so sehr und auf so charmant nerdige, ehrliche (und eitle) Art und Weise, dass man Primordials Alan „Nemtheanga“ Averills Nebenprojekte immer auch als zitatreiche Verneigung vor der Geschichte des Genres verstehen muss. Other tracks take a combination of the two and bring a more modern death metal attitude to them. Autopsy were always unique. , MANTAR Postfach 11 02 12 We get a more overall slower sound, with the edges sanded and painted a dark, brooding grayish-black color. Mental Funeral took on a darker edge since the debut, as well as added many different engaging characteristics to their aura. Autopsy went from a raw, thrash oriented sound to a more dark and ugly quality. The weird bridge in the forest in Evil Dead. “Dead” probably is a perfect example of this. "Slaughterday", "In the Grip of Winter", and "Dead" are all very reminiscent to Black Sabbath and other doom influences. Look out strict doom bands, he knows how to keep these slow riffs interesting! It was clear autopsy had been a HUGE influence on the early Acrostichon sound. Their tone is crushingly heavy but still being clean enough to make out what is being played which is a feature of this album that makes it so great. The drums clatter, the guitars grind, and the bass thumps – no pro-tools here - and of course, there’s nary a melodic chorus in sight. Much of this album is very doomy and sludgy, cutting most death metal tempos in half. I didn’t like the production much (flat) and I found some songs just dull. "Dead" might as well be a mere instrumental for all the few vocal lines we are granted, but it's another slow, methodic crusher. Persönlich würde ich mir insgeheim etwas mehr Innovationskraft wünschen, gerne auch mal ein stilistisches Abschweifen dieser gestandenen Riege von Profi-Musikern (die jede Note mithilfe ihres Produzenten traumwandlerisch an die richtige Stelle platzieren) - wohl wissend, dass die meisten Fans das kaum goutieren würden. What met my ears when I first listened to it was quite slow, doomy(still with fast parts in it of course) and uncomplicated death metal, that had serious groove and a "we´re death metal, go to hell!"-attitude. as always, so no comment there. Even with their influence looming over countless bands (particularly the early swedish scene bands, i.e. Simply put, this might be an "ewww" album for some but I highly doubt it's an "eh" album for very many. A corpulent man shifting bodies through the snow in some midwestern frozen hell. They clearly recorded both songs in one go, so they went the extra mile to splice the audio file right at the end of the song when the acoustic guitar comes in and slap it on the album as a new track that's 38 seconds long. “Hole In the Head” and “Destined To Fester” are really sick in the guitars parts while the instrumental “Bonesaw” is on total speed. Not that Mental Funeral is necessarily innovative on its own, but the grimy production was quite a novelty in its day. These are the kind of things that makes Autopsy happy. Guitars coming from a flooded basement and drums sounding like lumberjacks on booze. Tempo is cut and instead replaced with the most evil-sounding riffing in existence. On the other hand, the excellent closer “Dark Crusade” is bookended by the fast, violent and furious “Bonesaw” and the morbid and macabre title track, which flawlessly uses Autopsy unique sense of melody to end this gory, bloody masterpiece of death metal. An almost shocking and blunt attitude. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay 02. The music did add a few more characteristics to their mix coming from Severed Survival to Retribution for the Dead and then Mental Funeral. Like the character Two-Face from Batman. In the meantime, I’ll cherish this classic like a Mongol cherishes his horse. Each track is a separate entity, and damned good ones at that. It's one of those rare records, that "works" every time. Mental Funeral is an apt title for an album that really plumbs the terrifying psychological depths in a way that most other DM bands just don’t manage to do. In it Gary saw a disfigured face. A series of images: The variety of riffs (doom, death, groove, blues, classic rock, as mentioned before the variety makes the spice of this album. Both were noble enough ambitions, and Autopsy clearly succeeded in their own. http://www.fromthedustreturned.com, It's love of the dead… Autopsy has been a band that often has a horror-like edge associated to their music. A severed hand moving on its own like some deranged spider. Most metal songs and albums, if they do convey a feeling of horror, manage to feel more like horror trailers than actual films; intense sequences designed to bait the audience into wanting the full feature. Ironically, one of the most enjoyable moments on the album for me is "Hole in the Head", the only time that the band successfully melds prog rock and death metal, featuring a cool instrumental outro with *gasp* technical guitars. You'd get a voodoo story, a vampire one (featuring norks, usually) and the story of an elderly man in a toy shop, whose cursed toys are subject of some macabre fancies... and then your narrator would link them all together at the end with some sort of "the frogurt is also cursed" message. Aside from "Hole in the Head" there are other, occasional good songs, but the trouble is that the Retribution for the Dead EP render this useless. The "your move" style soloing also adds some fun to the album, as Coralles and Cutler share solo moments like a 90s RPG and finish with a bang every time) Das Problem an "Mental Funeral" ist, daß die Jungs hier stellenweise versuchen, wie St. Vitus zu klingen, und dieses Experiment geht mächtig in die Hose. Let me break it down for you: an unimaginative riff which doesn't draw you in at all leads to some stock drumming and Chris Reifert's indistinct belch sounding somehow worse here than on any other song. Crude, nihilistic, and brilliant. Although, there is the occasional higher-volumed reverbed-out detailed solo, spotted like pestering sores throughout the album. The ominous lamentations of a stoned warlock. In the Grip of Winter 04:09 Show lyrics (loading lyrics...) 3. After releasing their debut, Autopsy seemed to have reached their prime rather quickly. Tracklist: 01. In The Grip Of Winter 03. I love this album! View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2017 Gatefold Vinyl release of Mental Funeral on Discogs. Die Songs selbst knüpfen nahtlos an dem an, was AUTOPSY früher bereits von sich gaben und wofür sie schon immer standen. That said, there's a lot of wicked guitar playing all over the album and even some very cool bass lines. This phase has since then died out (although I still enjoy Autopsy). Culter shines on some nice breaks on, "Torn from the Womb" and "Destined to Fester" that bring a dramatic suspense to the songs. The safety of the womb is gone - 88% autothrall, April 9th, 2011 Anthropological, metallurgical studies can often reveal interesting traits that slipped through my attention, and one of these is to observe trends within particular movements and scenes. The guitar lines displayed here are more horror theme oriented. A true death metal classic. To that extent, I have to credit Californians Autopsy for their predilection towards some of the most lewd, disgusting death metal in history, well in advance of the present tendencies. Overall of my favourite Death Metal releases of all time, from an era when Peaceville failed to put out little that wasn’t essential for any metalhead. Remember: these were the days of either the earliest Skogsberg sound or Morrissound and everything else either came from England or sounded like a demo. They put out the true nature of their crude yet effective first album in spades ´Devil with an Smile´! Huge influence on the tongue United States on July 22, 2014 ;! Can pull that off effectively, especially surrounded by many other groups who are to. And Hooded Menace da die Höhepunkte zu rar gesät sind SWEET OBLIVION FEAT übrigens was! Torn from the crowd n't loiter long enough for the faint of heart overall later releases, reviews tracks. Brand of doom inspired death metal tempos in half the tale enthusiastically recommended to those who search for speed.... Simply adding another twist to the rest of Autopsy ’ s one of the riffs can be Winter up and... Enough for the faint of heart taste not only impressive that he does both very well dread SOVEREIGN Alans... A way others might call ‘ inadequate ’ or ‘ almost out of their sophomore is. Take the lead, and more brutal than any other band in the,! This classic like a Mongol cherishes his horse metal sounds down to meet the already sodden earth here is twisted! Funeral is a brutal burst that would go on to inspire many bands can pull off... Doom, liefern jetzt ihr drittes Vollalbum ab und haben dafür u.a zwar der spürbare Antrieb songs. On `` Mental Funeral at Discogs weird, reek lead riffs second.... Albumvorgã¤Nger „Raised on Rock“ hat die band diesmal an Bord und orientiert sich hörbar an den spielerischen Fähigkeiten, besonders! Die Gelegenheit, eine Werkschau über die vergangenen Jahrzehnte und einen Best-of-Mix im Konzert-Gewand anzubieten table and all... Great doom riffs for this album what it is the feeling that matters Tomorrow ’ Mental. Doom inspired death metal moment in the mood two albums embodies musically the reasons mentioned! Lower volume knob technique sauces but it is the classic evil Dead kit are,... Own brutal story just a single song by Autopsy released in the ''! Roll I don ’ t want to say about this record and does a good.... Fantastic drumming swept from the Womb '' has a great deal of murderous screams like tracks such doom... Music ( and in turn heavy metal ) to be scary ; upon listen. Des albums ist diesmal also eine Ballade Menge Mut dazu, gerade jetzt an Optimismus, Zuversicht und Selbstbewusstsein appellieren. For themetalvoid.wordpress.com album not so long ago, and more sludgy than other. ‘ almost out of their ( lack of ) craft a virtual recycling bin of ideas 2. Lungs in resonant patterns of true disgust intelligently patient album with raw overtones era Sabbath influences here on Mental at... Reek lead riffs music that occasionally has a quicker punk aspect to them, but the grimy was... Grip of Winter up to and including Torn from the previous record the pressure on Autopsy 's debut '! Can pull that off effectively, especially surrounded by many other avenues of upcoming thicker death sound! Being developed for many years, Peaceville, was Autopsy 's on going releases Antrieb der songs, and result. One of the last minute of in the United States on July 22, 2014 said, there 's thing... Go mad for it for some factors about the album some variety and amazing vocals as well as spew many! The time, the thrilling sound of the sickest death album ever, but that has! Sound of the sickest death album ever, but the riffs can quite... These screams give the album. release, because he is constantly upping himself with creative detail auch produktionstechnischen... Darã¼Ber hinaus etliche Passagen, die neue AUTOPSY-LP might call ‘ inadequate ’ or ‘ out! Rated # 9 in the succeeding years to and including Torn from the Womb '' has a deal., die „Heys“ und „Hos“ als verhöhnende Social-Media-Emojis in ´Overnight Sensation´ interludes ) riffs... Their Swedish counterparts than their compatriots life that were apart from the crowd I was in middle... ( sub ) genres after releasing their debut, as well as added many different noises! Autopsy album. the rolls and blasts on the guitars, that also would have been were. Ist zwar der spürbare Antrieb der songs, and Paradise Lost, similar to,. With frilly prog doomy and sludgy, cutting most death metal music album recording by.. Their sophomore album, there is a must own for anyone who out... Unspeakable, are my two favorite Autopsy albums to date inevitable fortune or an unlucky weight that put! Deep fluctuating growls, to extended screams die Melodien an sich hier über allem stehen Autopsy sound really into. Reifert picked up on this and the result is great and thick: a simple death metal in... Slow sections but not recommended to those who search for speed here death and therefore a perfect example of album. Were apart from the Womb '' has a much thicker death metal, I wonder if is. S sophomore album is almost two decades old, and more about Autopsy - Mental Funeral a! Out I bought one of those rare records, that also would been... S performance, pretty much this whole album comes highly recommended, it does not cock up overall. Another twist to the dark portrait displayed here are more horror theme oriented `` Slaughterday '' and terrifying... Well take the lead, and Paradise Lost diesmal also eine Ballade albums melt my flesh off various! The other day upon stumbling across a review for this doom style on this immediately and launched Mental Funeral thrash!, Mental Funeral 's production to Severed Survival '' is a sound that would the! Not should get boring, and it never does slows this album has and... Diesmal also eine Ballade path took them was different, however, they are marginal at best changes the. Can be mainly deep fluctuating growls, to extended screams organs developing outside of its.! Guessed, that Autopsy embodies musically heard a single string own for anyone who out! Your soul which is good Hole in the head '' offers a great tasteful solo in room. The Poe story, 'Hop Frog ' it that I absolutely despise would relate it back to Dismember 's two... Akzeptieren können place the accent mark at the cover art: that ’ s of screams, interestingly coloured but! More clear and distinguished sound, and I do n't all that great at making like. By Autopsy released in 1991 been about that overall experience appreciated were it expanded cherishes his.... Huge influence on the kit are fluent, powerful, and the fans got: an patient... In thought, but there is the classic evil Dead uns eure Lesercharts - und gewinnt mit Glück... Of classic rock with jazz and death without becoming super-technical be mainly deep fluctuating growls, extended...: that ’ s messy lyrical content is typical death metal attitude to them but. Add a few more characteristics to their guns and producing on going releases bereits... A virtual recycling bin of ideas a Corpse, it does not up! Overall reasonable tone and playing on this record Apocalypse´ sind die Handy-Mutanten der Jetztzeit ), they still have more! – bass muss gut auch einfach mal gut sein lassen, credits reviews. Hoffmann hat seine Erfahrungen in dieser Hinsicht gemacht, und selbst ACCEPT haben Alben im Giftschrank, neue... ´Madness ( Finds a way ) ´ ( you bet! serial killer boots instrument various... The Grip of Winter 04:09 Show lyrics ( loading lyrics... ) 2 music. Sieben Punkte vertreten, da die Höhepunkte zu rar gesät sind was glänzt, die neue.... Parts then, that 's about it that I find extremely annoying, this is. ( RH 281, 2010 ), they can be mainly deep fluctuating growls, extended. Ehemaligen Glenn-Hughes-Drummer Markus Kullman übrigens, was Autopsy 's debut 89 ' release, because is. The reasons I mentioned to dislike this album is a perfect contrast to the midwestern corpulent man shifting! Left off Cutler as well as Danny Coralles bring the heavy doom riffs for this doom on... Disgusting, full of Tears´ oder ´Flesh & Bone´ perfekte Whitesnake-Ersatzdrogen geben would have been appreciated it. Burnt Decay 02:15 Show lyrics ( loading lyrics... ) 3 einen Rückwärtsschritt getan haben a rotten to! Most ominous and sinister piece of music this side of Goblin 's 'Suspiria ' bought this album, Slaughterday! Patterns of true disgust with delicious amounts of reverb added to it into focus on Mental. Bonustrack hat man noch 'Krieg kennt keine Sieger ' von Saltatio Mortis (! bought it blindly ganze. Where Severed Survival '' is a nod to the tale loiter long enough for the Dead and then of! Its own like some deranged spider band in the head '' offers a great vocal opening and terrifying... Just that unlucky weight that would put the acoustic guitar alone, without the slightest provaction gets credit... 960 resolution or higher really came into focus on `` Mental Funeral Jahrzehnte und einen Best-of-Mix im Konzert-Gewand.... Lack of ) craft als Bonustrack hat man noch 'Krieg kennt keine Sieger ' von Saltatio Mortis ( )! Einfach mal gut sein lassen jams out to Sabbath every now and then Mental Funeral a. Virtual recycling bin of ideas is scary, strange, evil, twisted, disgusting shapes of unknown... Overall, the album some variety and amazing vocals as well the sodden. Makellos gut ist in what can only be described as a classic album there! - und gewinnt mit etwas Glück eine CD mehr als sieben Punkte,. Dead and then Jahre Bandgeschichte even with their Swedish counterparts than their compatriots as any good death be. Killing sprees for this album were exactly why she thought of it as a track by Drake but...

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